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We Buy Houses in New Jersey, Newark NJ, East Orange NJ, West Orange NJ, Montclair NJ, and surrounding areas and We Close Super Fast!

Great News! Fair Offer NY has Expanded into New Jersey! We buy houses throughout Northern New Jersey regardless of the condition so you won’t have to make any costly repairs and won’t to pay any Realtors Commissions – Call us and get a Fair Offer in 7 Minutes 347 685 9317

Call Fair Offer NJ today and get a Fair Offer on your property within 7 minutes – 347 685 9317

Do you need to sell your house in Northern New Jersey? Well you’ve come to the right place! We are cash buying investors and can close Super Fast on your property or whenever YOU are ready so there’s no need for you to list your house with a realtor!

You might be asking yourself why would I sell my New Jersey house for cash to an investor? There are several advantages:

  • We buy New Jersey Houses “As Is” so you don’t need to make any expensive repairs.
  • We Buy NJ houses with bad or non-paying tenants.
  • You won’t need to remove any unwanted belongings – let us do that for you.
  • We can close within the next 30 days or whenever you are ready and pay in cash!
  • We will buy New Jersey Houses with code violations.
  • We Buy NJ Houses in Probate.
  • We Buy New Jersey Houses if you are “under water” on your mortgage.
we buy houses new jersey
We Buy Houses New Jersey

At Fair Offer NJ we care about getting people out of a home that is causing them stress.

Are you stressed out about making mortgage payments, making property tax payments, covering the bills for a property that you can no longer afford, perhaps you were upside down on your loan and you feel like there’s no way out? Don’t worry, fair offer New Jersey can help you and relieve you of a burdensome property! We have helped hundreds of homeowners relieve themselves from the stress and headaches of owning a property that is just causing them stress and financial worries!

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If any of the following situations apply to you then give us a call today and we will make you a Fair Cash offer on your New Jersey property within 7 minutes! Call us today on 347-685-9317.

  • You are you getting a divorce and have to sell as part of the settlement.
  • You are in foreclosure and have to sell before the bank auctions your NJ house.
  • You are behind on your New Jersey property taxes?
  • You inherit a property and live out of state?
  • You are fed up New Jersey landlord and have bad or non-paying tenants?
  • You have code violations on your NJ house and you’re unable to list with a realtor?
  • You own a NJ house that’s fallen into disrepair and you can’t sell to a traditional buyer?

If any of the above situations apply to you, don’t worry! We’ve seen pretty much every situation there is and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel! We don’t judge anyone, we treat everyone with total respect and are always willing to help you even if we don’t buy your New Jersey house, we are happy to give you some free advice- call us today for a no hassles chat – 347 685 9317

Another great reason for calling us as opposed to calling a realtor is that when you call us at Fair Offer NJ, you won’t have to worry about us getting financing to buy your New Jersey house! You can NEVER be sure that any buyer brought to you by a realtor can actually get a mortgage to buy your NJ House. Also, their offer will most likely be contingent on them selling their house before they can buy your House. At Fair Offer NJ, we use 100% our own funds and are able to purchase multiple houses each month without getting a mortgage and can close super fast – usually within 30 days or less!

Still not sure? – check out our easy sales process here >>>>>>

Also, you won’t have to list your house with a realtor and have the house sit on the market for several months and have multiple “would be” “tire kicking” buyers viewing your property, only to fail getting a mortgage putting you back to square one to star the the sales process all over again…….can you afford to do that?

And finally, if you are in a tight financial situation, we will pay your attorney fees, moving costs, and will even help you find somewhere new to live if you need our help. How’s that for amazing service? Will a realtor do all of that for you? I think we all know the answer to that one LOL!

No matter what your situation is, we can always help you as we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years. We can help you out of ANY situation, it’s NEVER too late to make a call and we are always happy to give you FREE advice!!! Call us today on 347 685 9317 and see how we can help you and exactly what your New Jersey house is worth? It’s a totally “no hassles” call and we strive to offer you the upmost professionalism and ultimate customer service. We promise to make you the very best cash offer on your New Jersey House and can close ASAP. We buy houses in Newark NJ, East Orange NJ, West Orange NJ, Montclair NJ and surrounding areas. Call us today on 347 685 9317

Fair Offer NY BBB Business Review