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How Can I Sell My House Without A Realtor: The Best Course Of Action

The process for selling without a real estate agent varies depending on the state. The information below should give most sellers a rough concept of how things work.

If you’ve decided that selling your house without the help of a realtor is the best option for you, follow these guidelines to increase your chances of a successful sale.

Sell My House Without a Realtor: A Quick Preparation List


Depending on its age and the neighborhood, a home examination before selling may be beneficial.

Buyers frequently begin a house inspection as soon as their offer is accepted. The seller’s pre-inspection, however, can be used as leverage in negotiations and will let you know if there are any repairs you would want to make beforehand.


Depending on the inspector’s findings, you might need to make house improvements.

It’s customary to tell potential purchasers about any items that require repairs (actual rules vary by state, so check your local requirements first). Usually, it will make more sense just to go ahead and handle minor repairs before listing your house (like a leaky toilet or sticky door jamb).


Realtors frequently provide advice on whether major home improvements will be profitable. For instance, remodeling a bathroom can cost you $7,000 but add $2,000 to the overall worth of your home.

Some improvements, however, will have a poor return on investment. Without the aid of a listing agent, you’ll have to decide which upgrades—if any—would increase the likelihood that your home will sell and which will be a waste of money. You may have heard many saying, “I managed all the improvements to sell my house without a realtor.” So be mindful of what improvements are to be made. 


One of the best strategies for luring potential purchasers is by using professional pictures. Photos benefited about 87% of purchasers who used the internet to search for homes.

Photos that portray your home in the best light are crucial for a quick sale because it’s typical for consumers to look at homes online. The kitchen, standard rooms, and backyard should all be photographed for potential purchasers to see. We strongly advise hiring a professional photographer to take images of your home if you’re selling it without the assistance of a real estate agent.


Heard someone saying I was able to sell my house to Zillow with the right staging? If you want to host an open house, you might consider staging your home to increase attractiveness.

Decluttering, storing some of your belongings, and rearranging your current furniture can help with this. Alternatively, you could leave your home and engage a reputable business to stage it with rental furnishings and accessories.

Home staging costs about $1,500, while a storage pod runs about $100 per month. Although it could seem expensive, it will make your home appear at its best to potential buyers.

Curb Appeal

It’s a good idea to make your home’s inside and outside appear welcoming.

Make a good first impression by tidying up the surroundings and adding warm touches. For example, you could trim the grass and bushes, plant some seasonal flowers, power wash the sidewalks and the outside of your house, and put up a straightforward welcome mat.


I believe it will take a lot of work to sell my house without a realtor.

Additionally, you probably won’t save much money. You can wind up getting less money for your house when you sell it than you would have otherwise.
We believe engaging with a real estate agent is more advisable unless you reside in a hot real estate market and are a seasoned seller. Throughout the home selling process, it will save you a lot of time and stress. The team at Fair Offer NY is here to help you in this course of action in any way you

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Fair Offer NY BBB Business Review